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Weigh Loss Center in Amarillo

112 SW 8th Ave
Amarillo, TX  79101


We serve the Amarillo Midland Odessa TX areas as well as other areas of Texas. We are available for live, in-person sessions as well as special programs by phone. Please click here for full Contact Info and How To Get Programs And Training From Other Areas

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Although we are limiting our in-house clients at this time, due to our heavy schedule and conducting training in multiple states, if you are looking for a real and genuine solution for your problem, now you Can Get Your Personalized Program Via Phone or Skype!
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People love:
• Convenience & comfort of your own home or office
• Some things can only be done over the phone - and actually work more!
• Easy scheduling and saves you time of travel

Hypnosis Available Online With Video Talk

Of course, if you are from a different area, you are also welcome to fly in or perhaps fly us in (as part of your program)... as is done with students (eg. for clinic site visit). Custom fees upon request.

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From time to time, based on our schedule and classes or speaking engagements, we may update this page with travel information and hotels with very good rates and other directions below.

Maps & Directions

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Driving Directions:

From The North (Masterson, Dumas, Cactus, Stratford)

Head south on US-287 S/US-87 S toward Helium Rd
Use the right 2 lanes to turn slightly right onto US-287 S
Turn right onto E 8th Ave
 Destination will be on the right

From The South (Canyon, Happy, Tulia, Dress, Plainview, Abernathy, Lubbock)

Head north on US-87 N/23rd St toward 3rd Ave
 Continue to follow US-87 N
Merge onto I-27 N/US-87 N
Continue onto US-60 E/US-87 N
Use the left lane to take the U.S. 87 N/Fillmore Street exit
Continue onto US-87 N/S Fillmore St
Turn left onto E 8th Ave
 Destination will be on the right

From The East (Claud, Panhandle, Groom, Whitedeer, Goodnight)

Follow I-40 W to US-287 N/US-60 E/S Buchanan Stin Amarillo. Take exit 70 from I-40 W
Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 70 for US-287 N/US-60 E toward US-87 N/Downtown
Drive to E 8th Ave
Turn left onto E 8th Ave
 Destination will be on the right

From The West (Bushland, Vega, Adrian, Boys Ranch)

Follow I-40 E to US-87 N/S Fillmore St in Amarillo. Take the U.S. 87 N/Fillmore Street exit from US-287 N/US-60 E/US-87 N
Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 70 to merge onto US-287 N/US-60 E/US-87 N toward Downtown
Use the left lane to take the U.S. 87 N/Fillmore Street exit
Continue on US-87 N/S Fillmore St. Drive to E 8th Ave
Turn left onto E 8th Ave
 Destination will be on the right

More Helpful Tips:

Our address is being conveniently "pinned" online on Google Places, and Bing, and many other maps on the web; So, if you use your GPS, you should be perfectly fine.

• Regarding Handicap Accessibility:
If you need help or further instruction, please ask us. We are happy to meet you at the lower level

Scent-Free Environment: As a courtesy to others, please also remember that we are a scent-free office and to mute cell phones.

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