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Are You Seeking Weight Loss Near Lubbock TX Area Without Surgery Or Food That Doesn't Taste Good?
Or, Ready To Free Yourself From Smoking?

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Are you suffering the physical discomfort and the frustrations of trying and failing? Not all weight loss near Lubbock Texas is created the same... You can end the struggle. You can learn the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes you need to be successful at your desired results and goals, as seen on our Fox News and other appearances. Call today to find out if you can be accepted as a client. What do you have to lose but your excess weight.

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Quit Smoking ClientLaura Hoffman - I finally quit a 38-year smoking habit.
Weight Loss Programs ClientTori Barnes - I lost 40 pounds. This was a reality check.

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Faith Confidence Stress ClientTeresa Ippoliti - More confidence, less stress.
Quit Smoking Program ClientDoug Morris - I quit 2 1/2 pack-a-day, 40-year smoking habit
Nail Biting ClientJessica Bair - stopped biting fingernails

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Loses 28 Pounds - Comes Naturally Where It Never Has Before

Loses Weight And For His Young Son

Quits Smoking With No Cravings

Quits Smoking And Doesn't Get Nagged Any More

3 Weight Loss Clients & Family

Loses 10 Pounds As An Answer To A Prayer

Loses 10 Pounds And Stops Doubting Herself

Loses Weight And Loves That You Can Do This In The Comfort Of Your Home

Loses Weight And Breaks The Chains

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People Love Their Personalized Program Via Phone/Skype
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How To Get Real Weight Loss Results

In order to get real weight loss or quit smoking results, you will need to learn to believe that it is easy and fun. It is the only way that you will keep doing it. You will need to close your mind tightly to negativity from yourself and others, and also to develop a compelling future, so that it is worth taking new action. Actually, what you are really doing is un-hypnotizing yourself from the unwanted habit or behavior.

Our Weight Loss Center As Seen On Local And National Television

Weight loss centers near Lubbock Texas, Amarillo Midland Odessa Dallas / Fort Worth areas are not all created equal. For real change to take place, you will need to discover how to make eating right easy and how to deal with emotions.
  We are very thankful to the wonderful people over at the TV studio. They did a fantastic job putting the above weight loss hypnosis piece together. Here it is on the local WYOU News and We have also appeared on national TV with Fox News. Also, here is the recent article in the Times Leader newspaper.


"Hypnosis can help …a growing body of research supports the practice as an effective tool in the treatment of a variety of problems, from anxiety to chronic pain.”
- Newsweek, 9/04

“Hypnosis has gained credibility in the past five years because of research using the latest brain-imaging technology…. Studies show hypnosis can help treat a multitude of disorders...” - Business Week, 2/04

“…throughout the medical mainstream, it's common to be used for addiction…and psychotherapy.” - Diane Sawyer, Good Morning America, 6/02

“On hypnosis…His total loss, 35 pounds!” Losing It! The Ultimate Diet Challenge - Dateline NBC 1/04

“With weight loss the evidence is conclusive...hypnosis does help people reduce.” - Smithsonian Magazine, 3/99

“I should have done it years ago…It's amazing I didn't even want cigarettes any more.” Matt Damon describing his hypnosis experience to Jay Leno, - The Tonight Show, 12/04

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