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Weight Loss Clinics Near New Jersey Are Not All Created Equal. Lose Weight Without Doctors, Surgery, Or Diets That Don't Taste Good... OR... Ready To Quit Smoking And Finally Be Free?

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5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

Lost 37 lbs., 2 sizes…
“This is the first time I’ve lost weight and not gained it back. It actually works.” – Jenny Burns, Client

Stop Smoking With Hypnosis Client 1
5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

“I finally quit a 38-year smoking habit.” – Laura Hoffman

Weight Loss Client 5
5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

“I lost 28 lbs and 2 sizes.” – Carol Marks

Quit Smoking Client 2
5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

“I quit 2 1/2 pack-a-day, 40-year smoking habit.” – Doug Morris

Weight Loss Client 3
5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

“I achieved 40 pounds of weight loss. This was my reality check.”
– Tori Barnes

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

“I lost 23 pounds…. My self-esteem has now skyrocketed, and my ability to deal with things has changed.” – Gail Lamaroux, Client

Weight Loss Near New Jersey For Those Who Are Over-Burdened With Weight, Suffering, & Pain

Weight loss clinics near you in New Jersey NJ are not all created equal… Are you suffering the physical discomfort and the frustrations of trying and failing? You finally can find weight loss near you. You can end the struggle. You don’t need dangerous weight loss doctors or risky medical clinics to lose weight. You can learn the attitudes, beliefs, and values you need to be successful at your desired results and goals, as seen on our Fox News and other appearances. To lose weight or quit smoking all it takes is the desire and willingness to learn. How hypnosis for weight loss works is easy and fun. If you want genuine weight loss, you will need to discover and adopt the thoughts, actions, and behaviors of successful people. Call today to find out if you can be accepted as a client. What do you have to lose but your excess weight.

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Hypnosis Has Become A Respected Method To Motivate People For Success

If you want to lose weight or quit smoking or another unwanted habit, you will need to discover and address the hidden reasons you sabotage yourself. And, you must learn the skill sets to control your emotions and communicate better with your family and others.
You will need a Free Screening appointment to find out whether you can be accepted as a client. Call Today to schedule yours…

Now you can get 1-on-1 weight loss programs, quit smoking programs, and mentorships with motivational speaker Chris Halbohm.

Also Available For Online Zoom video or Phone Sessions
Call Today – Spaces Are Limited We can only take a certain number of clients per week
Happy Client Chair Excited

Now you can get 1-on-1 weight loss programs, quit smoking programs, and mentorships with motivational speaker Chris Halbohm.

Also Available For Online Zoom video or Phone Sessions

Call Today – Spaces Are Limited We can only take a certain number of clients per week

Join The Family Of Excited, Happy Weight Loss And Quit Smoking Clients

You found us… Meet other folks, just like you, who have gone ahead before you to do this here in north jersey NJ. Your past does not equal your future… Your real future is possible!

Stop Obsessing About Food – The Pain & Discomfort, Frustration, Self-Consciousness, Self-Sabotage

No More Counting Points Or Calories, Dieting, or Shakes

Simple, Doable, Easy, & Fun! Get Your Life Back!

What Makes Us Better...

“Stay With You”
Written Service Guarantee
Regardless of how many sessions you may need to reach your desired results and goals, we stay with the problem until you are happy.
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Free Hypnosis Screening
To solve your problem, you must get control of your habits and emotions. We will need to make sure you are able to follow directions and respond well to feedback while you are with us. You must be screened so that we can determine whether you can be accepted as a client. If we feel that hypnosis is not right for you, we will tell you so.
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Find Out If You Can Be Accepted As A Client And Whether You Can Attend a Personal Self-Hypnosis Program Of Your Own..

After 20+ years (since 2000) and creating hypnosis clinics and schools in multiple states around the country, Master Consulting Hypnotist and Motivational Speaker Chris Halbohm is only able to accept a select few clients at a time.

If you are sincere about solving your problem, you may call to see if you can be screened. In order to have a reasonable expectation for your success, you will need to be able to: follow directions and instructions well without overanalyzing, be open to receive feedback while you are with us in order to calmly face the reality of your situation, and be sincere about solving your problem.

Hundreds Of Client Success Stories Of People Just Like You In Our Archives

Lost 32 Lbs – I Was The “Fat Girl” In Class (0:33)
I Can’t TELL You How Much Fun This Has Been!

Wants To Be Around For His Son (1:12)
No More Stress Eating… No More Tight Belt Buckle

Quits Smoking 1-2 Packs… It’s As If I Never Smoked In My Life (1:26)
Doubt Was Gone At My Screening… Watch My Clip!…

Quits Smoking… Zero Cravings (1:12)
The Battle Is Over… I’m Blown Away

You will want to use their stories as a “road map” for your own success steps.

What do you have to lose but your excess weight…

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Discover How... I Lost 35 Pounds And I Got My Confidence Back!

My name is Roberta Amazzini. I’m a certified ophthalmic assistant in Tenafly, and I live in Fort Lee, New Jersey, with Bill, my husband of 19 years and my 23-year-old son, Damian. Read my story…

I was gaining weight and loosing control to the comfort of food. It was a vicious cycle. I suffered from being tired every day; I remember thinking, “the alarm clock went off already?” I was chained to food! Everywhere you go, people are offering you food. I was thinking, “How am I ever going to resist the allure of it?” I was frightened by food and afraid of what the people around me were thinking of me. I was alone! But, ever since the people at Bergen-Keystone Hypnosis Hypnosis, I’ve lost over 35 pounds! I lost 2 inches from my waist so far and went down a couple of dress sizes, already.

I tried everything known to man to lose weight: the grapefruit diet, the water thing. I tried calorie counting, but that was too tedious. I tried the Atkins diet, but it was dangerous and I always gained the weight back again.

After working with the people at Bergen-Keystone Hypnosis, I can just walk away from food, and it feels just great. Now, I eat less but enjoy it more! In fact, I can pick the foods I really like, because, I don’t feel like I have to eat the whole thing. Even Bill is more conscious of what he eats. Hypnosis snaps you out of hopelessness and feeling of being out of control. I can be a better parent now, too, because, I can show my son that I can conquer problems. Even his girlfriend is finding that she can open up to me more, now! Now, I’m more confident, so the people around me are more confident.

I can’t afford to be in a bad mood at work. Now, I’m in a good mood, even on those 12-hour days seeing as many as 42 patients! With the relaxation techniques I learned from the hypnosis, I can concentrate on my patients, rather than on my past frenzied habits. I’ve learned how to really relax, build my confidence, and even how to say “no” to people when I need to. I like myself better, now, and, I have a better sense of humor. I’ve found a new peace of mind.

My friends and family are all so happy for me that I lost weight. They say I have more energy, my face looks thinner, and that I look happy; I simply look better. Since doing this, people trust me more because I feel more confident. They notice that my clothes fit better, especially Bill. I’ve bought new dresses, pants, uniforms for work, and even a special satin skirt I always wanted! My doctor is pleased that I can now keep away the nasty effects of my diabetes. My cholesterol went from 200 down to 141, and my blood pressure went down from 160/90 to 140/78. Now, Bill and I take walks together in the evening, and I garden on the weekends. I’m saving money on my grocery bill, too – at least $40 a week!

At first, I didn’t know anything about hypnosis and I was fearful when I walked into the office. I thought it would change me in some spooky way. I was even afraid that it wouldn’t work. But, what I found was that it wasn’t scary at all. Chris was very soothing and reassuring. The experience was like coming out of the dark and learning how to slam the gate on my cravings.

The fee was very reasonable. I don’t think you can even put a price on what I got here. In fact, it was the best deal I’ve ever gotten for the least amount of money. Best of all, I’ve learned how not to punish myself and not be paralyzed with indecision! Once we simply decide on what we should do, the next couple of steps are easy. Before you know it, you say, “Wow.”.

The 3 Secret Factors To Your Success At A Weight Loss Center Near You

Are you struggling with excess weight or an unwanted habit like smoking? The pain that you feel probably isn’t just the physical discomfort from carrying the weight, restricted movement, or being out of breath. Of course, being unable to fit into clothing that you like hurts. Being unable to keep up playing with kids or grandkids also can be a big factor in wanting to lose weight or quit smoking. Maybe you’ve felt tired, run down, and out of energy.

But there’s so much more that makes a person know they need a change. Perhaps you have suffered cravings or a feeling of being out of control in some way. Or the feeling of embarrassment in public about your weight or the need for cigarettes as a crutch seems to nag at you. Maybe you also have had to deal with the shame, guilt, or even a sense of emptiness. Some folks even experience a limited social life as a result of the unwanted behavior or habit.

All Weight Loss Programs Near Paramus New Jersey Are Not Created Equal

Paramus New Jersey has a few weight loss clinics and centers. But, as you will soon see, not all weight loss or quit smoking programs are designed the same way.

First, You Must Discover Whether You Believe It Is Possible For You

In order to begin, you must believe that it is possible. Only then can you take action toward your weight loss goals. Often, it can be hard to build up hope on something to help you with your weight loss when you’ve tried so many programs and centers already. It’s even worse when you’ve failed so many times by gaining weight back. Quitting smoking is similar. (While, it is true that people often say “you don’t have to smoke, but you have to eat,” the habit cycle is still similar.)

When a person has tried and failed over and over again to lose weight or quit smoking, they might fall into thinking “well, this is just another attempt that will fail”. The person might have developed a habit of finding fault with what they did rather than what they did right. This is known as “failure expectancy”. One solution is to notice how this time is so very different from the other attempts. Can you notice all the ways that our weight loss and quit smoking programs are different?

Why “Forcing It” And Diets Don't Work

By now, maybe you’ve already decided to notice that food-based programs don’t actually work. “Diets don’t work and they never will” – Remington, Fisher, & Parent. They may “work” for a short while. But, eventually you end up gaining the weight back, and usually several pounds more.

Also, quitting smoking with will power alone isn’t the answer either. By “forcing it” the mind actually pushes back against the goal. Have you ever noticed that the harder you “try”, the harder it seems to become?

Here’s Why Diets Don’t Work…
1. Starvation causes weight loss to slow down.
2. Secondary Benefit – In order to lose weight, and keep it off, realize that you must find the real reasons that you have been sabotaging yourself.
3. If it’s not fun and easy, you won’t keep doing it. A weight loss program needs to fit in to your life.
4. Incomplete – Real weight loss has more to do with how you feel about your life and how you communicate with others.

You Must Learn To Control Emotions

Some people eat for emotion (sad, happy, stressed, bored, etc.) Another emotion to learn is how to connect feeling good with physical movement and exercise. You must practice emotions that will support your weight loss and quit smoking decision. And you will need to end un-useful emotions. For example, self-pity is a fattening emotion.

When people smoke, there is a reason. Perhaps it is to reduce stress (which can be thought of as an emotion). Maybe someone smokes or eats out of boredom, a need to focus, or even happiness – more emotions.

When you change your emotional reactions, you change your need to eat or smoke.

How Hypnosis Gets To The Root Of Your Weight Or Smoking Problem

Whether you are suffering uncontrollable cravings with food or smoking, hypnosis is now highly sought after in order to make real shifts and changes deep down – where they started. Not everyone automatically thinks of hypnosis as a solution for weight loss. Often, they think of diets and counting calories and knocking themselves out with too much exercise. But hypnosis for weight loss or quit smoking easily comes to mind as a solution that starts with your subconscious mind. It is the obvious answer.

While in hypnosis, your mind easily accepts new ideas – suggestions – that do two things.

1. Hypnosis changes your emotional responses to stresses of life.
2. It changes your behaviors (as you wish) to match your goals.

I personally believe hypnosis is the absolute best way to lose weight and to learn how to keep it off over time. Hypnosis, as a sort of speed-learning skill set should even be taught in schools growing up.

Help Train Yourself To Lose Weight Or Quit Smoking

To begin your weight loss, you must have proper expectations. Have a rational amount of weight that you will be shedding each month, be okay with temporary plateaus, and recognize that not every day will be perfect.

Hypnosis can support your decision to succeed with weight loss or quitting smoking. Once you decide, your mind begins to try to prove to itself – you – that yes indeed you are loosing weight and succeeding.

The success stories are intended to be used as a road map for what it takes to become thin. What thoughts, actions, and behaviors is each person showing you that they did?

You can get the full Optimal Weight Loss workbook free by clicking the download button above.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me

I, like you, have had to overcome obstacles. Early on in my career, I used hypnosis on myself to quit smoking and eliminate migraine headaches.

Smoking was disgusting and debilitating. Other methods failed. I always felt the need for the crutch. Smoking cigarettes didn’t match my goals in life. Once I made the decision to quit smoking and started using the tools of hypnosis we teach, cravings were gone immediately. And I followed the steps given in the hypnosis training. Before I knew it, I wasn’t even thinking about smoking anymore. It was like it was never there. My life mission became clearer. I can confidently say that quitting smoking was one of the easiest things I ever did. Nobody is perfect at this stuff. But, I am more congruent in my job as a hypnotist helping other people to get their goals, too. Now, I’m helping other people save thousands of dollars each year by their own decision to quit smoking.

The weight loss center became so successful that I was training as many as 28 people per day to lose weight and quit smoking. It became so fulfilling that, with the help of my mentor Scott McFall, I founded one of the first hypnosis certification schools of its kind to teach hypnosis and added it to the clinic. I have trained dozens of individuals in the rewarding field and profession of hypnosis.

I have founded multiple clinics and schools around the country to teach hypnosis and delivered thousands of client visits. I now also offer my skills in fun yet family-friendly stage hypnosis shows.

I have have been commissioned for professional motivational speaking for a variety of organizations both public and private. I have been featured multiple times on both local and national network television.

Also... Listen To These Quotes From Popular Media

“Hypnosis can help …a growing body of research supports the practice as an effective tool in the treatment of a variety of problems…” – Newsweek, 9/04

“With weight loss the evidence is conclusive…hypnosis does help people reduce.” – Smithsonian Magazine, 3/99

“I should have done it years ago…It’s amazing I didn’t even want cigarettes any more.” Matt Damon describing his hypnosis experience to Jay Leno – The Tonight Show, 12/04

“We believe we offer the best service available, the lowest possible cost, with the least amount of hassle. Here’s why…”


Regardless of how many sessions you may need to attain your desired results and goals, we stay with the problem until you are happy. We believe so strongly in what we teach that we offer a Written Service Guarantee. If extra sessions are needed to attain your desired results and goals, there is no extra charge. If you need to repeat a session or ask for help with material, that’s free too. You will even be lightly tested on the material so that we can have assurance that you are learning how to let your goal last over time.

FREE Screening

We give a 30-40 minute screening to see whether or not you will be accepted as a client. It’s fun and informative. We will give you an honest and in-depth explanation of hypnosis and evaluate your situation.

To be a great client, we ask that you are sincere about solving your problem.

Other traits to personal success with hypnosis will be:
• that you are willing to take responsibility for learning the material and getting your goal
• able to follow directions and instructions so that we can have a reasonable expectation of your success
• It will need to be okay that you grace your hypnotist the authority to work with you and give you feedback. Your hypnotist may interrupt your pattern, may jump in and steer your actions and thoughts, or may suggest ideas that are brand new to you. It’s never personal; your hypnotist is on your side.

To prepare for your Free Screening, please be sure that you have read some of the stories and watched some of the videos on our reviews page. See whether you can relate to what they went through. Read and watch those until you know you’re in the right place.

If we do not feel hypnosis will benefit you, we will tell you so. The Free Screening is happily offered to those we think we might be able to help. If you are sincere about solving your problem, then call us right now to find out if this is the answer you’ve been looking for.

CUSTOM-For-You Design

Master Hypnotist & Author Chris Halbohm and hypnotists with in-depth experience in hypnosis provide individual sessions for custom programs in our office or by phone or Zoom video from the comfort of your own home.

Because your program is unique to you, we give you a personalized ceiling on cost.

Your Chance

Now, you can join the family of successful people who know the techniques for success. Call Now for your FREE Screening to find out whether you can be accepted as a client. 855-669-2426

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 

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