3 Attitudes For Success

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Whether you are suffering overweight and hassle or a debilitating undesired habit like smoking… you may have decided that it is time to make a change.

Obviously, there are many factors to successfully creating new behaviors and ending old, outdated ones. Here are three basics that tend to be on the forefront and perhaps most important…

1. Be visual. Not talking in your head.

Successful people have “vision”. They can see and imagine what they want or need to do. They don’t sit and talk to themselves for long periods of time. Talking in one’s head is called auditory-digital internal debate, and it has no results-oriented purpose. If you want to succeed at your goal, then try using what we call “VK” (visual kinesthetic). See it, then imagine what it feels like.

2. Willing to try on new skill sets

A person who is successful will be willing to listen, learn, and try on new models of the world, skills, etc. They enjoy learning and welcome feedback. They don’t need to keep defending their position even though it is wrong. Those who are unsuccessful often feel criticized when receiving feedback instead of easily, comfortably deciding to notice that a change is needed in how they are doing it.

3. End self-sabotage & Become congruent

Many women (even men can) feel awkward about getting compliments when losing weight for example. So, they sabotage themselves one way or another. One might think “I screwed up, so I may as well eat”, or, if succeeding a little bit, might celebrate too soon, or just slip back into old patterns. Remember that, the ‘new you’ is still you and yet you do and think differently than before. Soon, you notice that all or most of your actions are now matching (congruent with) your stated goals. And hey, that’s okay! Right? Accepting the change as an actual new way of being is key.

That brings up another issue.. Others can no longer “push your buttons”. Learning how to deal with that is for another article.

For now, practice at these points. Again, there are many, many factors that go into succeeding for real and staying successful. Also, we haven’t yet discussed about personal factors that are more on an individual basis and would be customized at the hypnosis center, such as: your personal filters, patterns, ways you think, self-esteem, hypnotic tools, tools for lasting success, which ones work best for you. For now, if you try these core tips, you will notice a powerful springboard toward your real results and goals.

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