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3 Ways Starting Your Resolution BEFORE Christmas Boosts Your Success

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There are many reasons why people make New Year resolutions.

• To gain a new outlook on life
• To end the pain and hassle of a particular problem
• To change an undesired habit or emotion
• To perform better at a specific skill (e.g.. a sport)
• To improve attitude or confidence in a specific area

People who make New Year resolutions are TEN times more likely to get their goal than people who do not make resolutions. Still, only a little over half are able to keep that resolution past one month.

How would you like to supercharge your resolution to make it “stick” more? What if there was one simple thing you could do right now to make that happen?

There is.

Begin your resolution early. Do it before Christmas and New Year. It doesn’t even have to be a big deal – It can be a little deal. Oh, and it can be easy and fun.

Are you game?

You can still do great on your resolution without beginning early. However, starting your resolution before the holiday does a few powerful things:

1. It breaks down the debilitating pattern in your brain that connects success with a time of year. For example, you are able to disrupt the belief that you need it to be “New Year” in order to succeed. This makes the neural net in you brain stronger.

2. Starting early ends the expectation that you will falter toward the later months of the year. Similar to #1, when we have set only a specific date for a goal, that “day”, “week”, or “month” (New Year), the “feeling” of your goals can too easily slip away from you. Starting your goal now makes the second and third (and so on) months seem as easy as this month! Can you imagine that this time (December) next year you will feel as easy and powerful about your goal as you did in the beginning?

3. It gets your brain set to be determined. There are too many distractions (from the world) and too many excuses (that the human brain comes up with) not to face your problem head on. If you know there is a solution in sight, you will be willing to face the pain and hassle that the problem has been causing you. Once you have done that, you have now done the exact first step required in motivation. Now, all you have to do is make your new habit, emotion, or coping skill easy and fun. Starting your New Year resolution early, forces you to focus on ways to make it easy and fun – So that you can get on with the rest of your life. If you make it too big of a deal or too complicated, it won’t seem like fun, and you won’t keep doing it. However, if you give yourself permission to learn fun, new, and simple tools, then you can go ahead, enjoy your holiday already getting your goal and without any struggle – much to everyone else’s surprise!

Again, you can still succeed at your New Year resolution without starting early. The three tips here are some powerful reasons to start now.

If you would like to learn more tools for success, hypnosis is available to make it easy and fun.

Your mind is like a thermostat. It stays set on a “setting” – that is, until the setting is actually changed.

Hypnosis does exactly that.

Feel free to read some of the stories, here on our site, from other folks who have done this before you. See whether or not you can relate to what they went through.

For the year of December 2016, and for a limited time this month, we are offering a FULL 25% off your custom program. You can get this “Pre-Start” package. (Start in December, continue into the New Year.) You also get free follow ups in our Written Service Guarantee.

Give yourself the gift of starting early!

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