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The Free Weight Loss Screening


Your Free Screening Is Fun And Informative

What Exact Goal Are You Coming To Accomplish?

We will discuss the exact problem you wish to change and why.

In order to determine whether or not you will be accepted as a client, you will need a free screening. It usually takes about 30-40 minutes. It is fun and informative.

We will give you an honest and in-depth explanation of hypnosis, and, most importantly, and evaluation of your situation.


Your Free Screening Is Fun And Informative. Photo courtesy of Fox News. Abbie Burke left, Chris Halbohm right.

You are screened to make sure that you are able to confront what is actually happening and take feedback. We will also need to make sure that you are able to follow instructions while you are here, so that we can have a reasonable expectation for your success.

We will go over policies, procedures, and what all of the fees are. We will also discuss what your responsibilities will be.

If we feel that hypnosis is not right for you, we will tell you so.

Note Of Encouragement – (One Of Our Recent Facebook Posts)

A word of encouragement to screening applicants.

In dealing with a few folks in screenings recently, it dawns on me that some may need some encouragement about beginning the weight loss process.

Yes, we have to be selective about who we spend our time with and about who we can accept as clients. Yes, it is a challenging conversation that you need to have. Still, if you are concerned about ‘not getting it right’ – remember that that is the point of the screening.

When you have found yourself in a spot where things aren’t working for you, and you don’t have the answers – that is what the screening is designed to help you with. And that’s when you need it the most.

I’m 100% confident that if you are sincere about the conversation and about solving your problem, we can handle whatever comes up.

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