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Agreement – Why Does It Matter?

Hypnosis (and actually all teaching and learning) has to do with real agreement. It has been said that “with the right attitude (agreement) almost no hypnotic technique is necessary; without it, all hypnotic technique fails.”

Have you ever laughed at a funny movie or cried at the sad parts of a movie? Of course, you probably have. You were responding to the film. Your emotions were absolutely real, even though, the movie was fake. This is response to suggestion. This is a form of agreement. You would not be laughing (or crying) if you were not agreeing to it.

Hypnotic suggestion is just that – a suggestion. In order to have its effect, you have to agree with it.

It turns out that agreement has to happen at every level of learning. (Not just in the beginning parts.) Otherwise, your process will backfire. And you will end up back where you started from – or even worse.

Notice that it takes agreement even to agree with your own life.

Society today has it backwards. It is focused on proving individuality and personal “achievement” rather than cooperation, agreement, and, ultimately, correct honor. This is one of the reasons that parenting is so important. A disciplined child who gets to watch their parents respect each other, learns this.

In the state of mind of agreement the receptors are open. Real listening is possible. Only then is real learning and correct comprehension possible. Too many people these days think “I knew that”. But, in reality, they totally miss the key points altogether. With that mentality, a person can only THINK that they got it.

Agreement Filters:

• sort by same, similar

• safe / faith / okay / trust in God.. [More about faith, prayer, and hypnosis in a separate article]

• visual (outside) – vs. auditory, talking to self in own head – self-justification, self-righteousness, lack of accountability


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