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See How Many “F”‘s Do You Count?

Read the “F-Card” and see how many F’s you count. (Don’t read further down yet!) Take a moment to do that… Okay.. Got your number?

Believe it or not, our minds often play tricks on us.

Many people will count 3 F’s. Maybe 4 or 5.
There are actually 6 F’s.

The way your subconscious mind works, it likes to save energy. In the same way that we like to save time, money, and effort, our brains are wired this way for survival.

So, your brain figures that, in most circumstances where you need to count the letter “F”, it will count the words that have the “F” SOUND – not the letter itself.

There are 3 F’s that have the “F” SOUND. The words “FINISHED”, “FILES”, “SCIENTIFIC”.

And there are 3 F’s that sound like a “V” – the word “OF” appears 3 times.

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