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Party And Event Entertainment Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows Near New Jersey

…With Chris Halbohm Master Hypnotist… The Ultimate Entertainment Experience Near Paramus New Jersey Area

Your People Are The Stars Of The Show

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Attention Party, Wedding, & Event Planners And Agencies: Give them what they want! Get more REPEAT clients!

We happily serve the Paramus NJ area and north New Jersey areas – Conveniently centered in Paramus. Travel-fee-included packages are now available for anywhere in the world.

Stage Hypnosis
With Tact & Grace…

Planning your party or event?… get a fun and intriguing entertainment show, while providing a safe, clean, family-friendly environment.

Especially for those delicate corporate accounts, you can rest assured that Chris’s professional stage shows deliver a safe & tasteful, yet fun & intriguing experience. The “Worry-Free Pretalk” puts attendees at ease and makes them eager and want to participate!

What Others Are Saying About Chris...

So much more than I could imagine. – Jane Ward
It’s a blast.
– Mary Bradley
Chris’s enthusiasm was clearly absorbed by the attendees.
– Dr. Geri Fee
Invigorating, lively & fun.
– Carol M.
I would highly recommend attending it! – Lucia Bechdel
Professionally run. – Patsy C.
A great experience. A lot of fun! 
- Bernice R.
Entertaining! – Peggy Bierer
His demonstrations, using members of the audience, were effective. – Dick Burnon
Much enthusiasm! So upbeat. – Bill G.

a very special, remembered event …

They’ll THANK YOU for a show well worth while!

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Discover cutting edge SHOW DESIGN, delivering safe intrigue and fun!

Typical routines are usually as follows:
• Progressive relaxation induction
• Heat suggestions
• Cold suggestions
• Funny, sad, scary movie routine
• Drunk Routine
• Bad Smell Routine
• Split, single suggestions routine:
• number anesthesia, pinch
• Horse Track
• Bird on Hand
• Rock Star
• Gone Fishing
• Naked Routine
• Post Hypnotic Suggestions
• “Awakening” the Participants

“We believe that we offer the best services available, the lowest possible cost, with the least amount of hassle. Here’s why . . .”

Our brief & informative, yet intriguing monologue on hypnosis puts attendees TRULY at ease and WANTING to participate. By the event’s end, they can feel proud that they were the stars of the show.

Our in-depth experience in hypnosis delivers a fun, safe, and unique experience sure to be remembered.

You are a busy person. Our staff is cooperative and will work with you to the best of our ability on whatever your special needs may be. We even offer possible Group & Tour Rates.

Why Chris Halbohm...

Your People Will Be Very Well Taken Care Of – Chris has the rare skill and experience of watching and reading people’s subconscious cues and, and so, is the best assurance of a safe, effective, and fun show!

The Most Fun Possible While Safe and Family-Friendly – He has the experience of having performed thousands of real, actual client-visits with one-on-one people in his multiple live clinics for over 20 years (since 2000), and has put these skills to use on the stage!

Easy-Going Yet Intriguing Atmosphere And Show Design – With the Worry-Free PreTalk, your attendees can’t wait to join the fun! Your

Special “All-Travel-Expenses-Included” fee packages are available

Chris Halbohm Bio

Chris Halbohm, Certified Hypnotist, is a master hypnotist and Certified Instructor / NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & hypnosis trainer. Author of “End Worry & Sleep Well”, he is founder of the leading hypnosis schools New Jersey has to offer and one of the first hypnosis schools of its kind in the country.

Chris was trained and certified in hypnosis and hypnotherapy through the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Master Hypnotist Society. He is sometimes known in the community as “The Accessible Expert”.

Chris Halbohm has a top-ranking, proven track record of client results and has has personally delivered thousands of client visits. He has developed multiple schools and clinics across the country – some of the most successful in existence.

In his over 22 years (since 2000) clinical experience, Chris has appeared on local & national TV and radio and has spoken and taught at international conventions and been commissioned to speak for groups both public and private. Main location now in North Jersey NJ.

He has been very involved in his community as a member and President of Lions Clubs International, teaching at the local community college, and serving on the Mayor and Council’s Citizen Advisory Commission.

Special “All-Travel-Expenses-Included” fee packages are available.
You may inquire about Chris’s availability for speaking, training, stage performance, or personal coaching services. Please call 855-669-2426.

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Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 

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