How Hypnosis/Self-Hypnosis Helps You Get Your Goal

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Do you struggle with an unwanted habit or emotion? Is it doing harm to your body, your daily life, and your family and loved ones? Have you tried over and over again and yet sabotaged yourself?

Hypnosis helps you to end internal debate. Hypnosis also trains you to make your new coping skills far more easy, automatic, and – yes – even fun.

Imagine that you are able to remember the feeling of swinging on a swing when you were younger. When you remember that now, your mind gets the feelings and pictures, accessing that state of mind – even though you are not swinging on a swing just now.

When you laugh at a funny movie or cry at the sad parts of a book, etc., you experience real emotions (real tears and all), even though the movie is fake.

In the same way, hypnosis taps into the correct and useful emotions, anchors, and triggers in order to support your decision to change your habit. You may feel more like taking the actions of exercise to get your goal. You may find that you simply don’t want a cigarette. Formal hypnosis changes the state of your mind and then puts it into a new “setting” to make a powerful shift.

Then, as you take your new actions, those actions are easier and more automatic. In fact, many folks notice that they cannot NOT enjoy doing the new activities. You actually crave it.

What do you think would happen if you were to accept these powerful suggestions:
• “You feel fuller from less food”
• “You enjoy your food more while eating less”
• “Staying smoke-free give you freedom from the crippling death and pain of cigarettes”
• “The more you try to want to smoke, the more you notice you cannot”

Hypnosis is a normal state that naturally occurs to you dozens of times each day. Coming awake from sleep, you have to go through hypnosis; and going to sleep as well. Have you ever been driving and daydream a bit and miss a turn? Or got home and realized “who’s been driving for the last eight blocks?” Have you ever been reading a book and noticed that you weren’t really paying attention? Or stared off into space for a moment, just needing to take a break from the hectic stress of the day? Even rubbing your eyes for a moment has this effect.

It is also true that those popular advertising campaign slogans you hear on TV or the radio are somewhat embedded in your learning. For example “Folgers is good to the last _____.” Finish that slogan. “Drop”. Or, an older ad that many folks still remember – even though it has;t been on the air for about 26 years is “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz.. _________.” What’s the rest of that one? “Oh what a relief it is” – for Alkaseltzer. You may remember certain popular ads that you have seen or heard over time. That is because those ads are using hypnotic advertising tools of fixation, repetition, and relaxation.

Imagine that you could make your new goals seem that easy, fast, and fun.

In a hypnosis center, you are shown how to go into hypnosis, and the various “signs and symptoms” of hypnosis. You are also given personal feedback in order to solve your problem. Giving yourself proper suggestions is a highly trained skill that comes with time and patience and a correct understanding of what is happening.

There are absolutely no side effects to hypnosis, with the possible exception that one hour of hypnosis is equivalent to four hours of natural sleep.

While in hypnosis, you are given an induction and several steps that help make you know that “it is working” (even though there is no “it”, it is really you following certain steps). You will be asked to notice certain specific “phenomena” that happen in hypnosis. Through suggestion, you are brought through the emotional motivation steps you need to make the change. You are then reminded to take your actions. Think of it like going to one of your favorite movies – you are just going along for the ride. You are also given a review at the end of each session, so that you know it was a successful session.

Obviously, hypnosis is not a “magic pill”, but it sure does come closest to being one. You will still need to take your actions, but don’t be so surprised when those actions just seem to almost happen on their own. Remember, life rewards action.

At the hypnosis center, we offer personal programs, both free and paid classes, conference calls, and a Free Screening for you to get personal feedback. If you are sincere about solving your problem, we are happy to talk with you.

Call to find out if there is an upcoming class or call or to schedule your free personal screening.

What do you have to lose but your excess weight?

Your Screening Is Free

At the hypnosis center, we discuss, in-depth, what is happening with you. We will discuss your needs and what you will need to learn and practice in order to get your results.

Written Service Guarantee

If you ever go back to your problem, our services are free of charge. That’s right. Really. If you need further support or just a “brush up”, simply call. Also, if you need extra sessions to reach you desired results and goals, you get free sessions, one per month, until you reach your desired results. We stay with the problem until you are happy.



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