How To “Cheat On Purpose” When On A Weight Loss Program

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What if you knew that you could eat whatever foods you wanted to eat? Have whatever you want to have.. and still lose weight. And, that there is a special way that you can do that?

See, diets often have to do with “restriction” – what you “can’t have”. That approach is silly and nonproductive.

When we deprive ourselves, our body and mind sort of shut down. “The more we ‘can’t have’ something, the more we want it.” That is not always really true. Still, you are probably already familiar with that concept.

At the hypnosis center, we don’t use diets. Instead, you are given suggestions that you will want the “right” foods at the “right” times – (among many other suggestions and skills).

Still, every once in a while, you might want to eat something that you think you “shouldn’t. Obviously it’s a great idea to avoid stupid foods, and still, sometimes, you might want to just splurge a little.

This is what we call “Cheating On Purpose”. It is a real skill that thin people do. And, you can learn it.

Here are the easy steps:

1. On purpose – Remember that you are doing it on purpose. Pick the time. Choose something kind of special. For you, it might be that one special thing your friend made you for your birthday, that you want to try a small piece of. Or maybe it’s a special desert when dining out. Go ahead. That might be a good time. Meanwhile, unless the everyday common Twinkie was really your favorite before, that’s probably not the best choice. You get the idea.

2. Do it in moderation – in other words, every once in a while. Not “every day”. Also you might notice that you have a little less than you would have had. For example, many folks in our weight loss center say that they end up happy and satisfied with about only a third of what they were going to eat!

3. Enjoy it thoroughly and slowly. As with many of the techniques that folks are shown in the hypnosis center, you will want to really savor it. Slow down long enough to really enjoy it. You don’t have to go super slow; just chew it a little more slowly, and take it bite by bite, really just enjoying it.

You might remember the old Welches commercial – “Take the time to taste the Welches…” Let it roll around and taste it. Can you notice new flavors, textures, and tastes that you hadn’t noticed were there before?

4. Do it guilt-free, without feeling bad. This “cheating on purpose” is actually something that you are supposed to do. It is good for you. Also, it trains your brain/mind/body to regulate and pace itself reasonably. (Without too much restriction.) Recognize that your metabolism can handle it. No ONE piece of cake is going to ruin your “diet”. When you know this, your mind will be much more cooperative when you choose healthy foods the rest of the time.

Try this out… See that that actually helps you to stay on a more healthy regimen in general. Have fun at this! Let us know how you do!

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