How To Prepare Yourself To Get Your New Year Goals

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Many folks make New Year resolution goals. Many fail. Some succeed. Here are a few tips to prepare yourself ahead of time & ensure success.. And a free Conference Call on Tuesday!

1. make the decision

Make the decision that you are fed up enough with the pain and hassle of the problem. You are now going to do something to fix it. List out the real reasons. How has it been hurting you – physically or emotionally. Feel it, see it, hear it – don’t just “list out the logical reasons”. It must be sensory-based. Once you have done that, you can now decide that you will find the solution.

2. be persistent – don’t give up – keep going

Allow yourself to know that you will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to get your goal. This may include learning NEW THINGS that you really didn’t know or understand before. And, perhaps, new INSIGHTS that you need.

3. go gently – don’t overdo it – reward yourself lightly & appropriately

Sometimes when people take on a new goal, especially in the New Year, they are too “hung ho” about it. This leads to burn out – mentally or physically or both. Don’t do that to yourself. DO learn how to pace yourself. DO learn which steps can be made easier by using certain tools. For one example, we use hypnosis to inculcate a better desire for the right foods at the right times. Learn to reward yourself correctly – and not overdo it.

4. disregard the time of year – as opposed to “make it or break it”

Forget that it is the New Year. It’s great to have a renewed approach with your goal. And it’s great to use this time of year to do it. However, that “timing” in itself sets many people up for the expectation that “most people fail at their resolutions”. So, don’t rely on the New Year as having any kind of “magical” component to it. DO use this time to get your goal. DO begin doing something toward your goal right now, even before the New Year. It doesn’t have to be big. This sets your mind to get success no matter what is going on around you. All of a sudden, you notice it’s easy.


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