Hypnosis & Laws Of The Mind [FREE CLASS]

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Imagine that you discover how your mind really works:

• How you make the decisions that you do

• Why you do the behaviors that you tend to do

• How to change

In a casual, fun environment, we will discover the real power of your mind and imagination… for the purpose of your personal goals. This is a free class as part of our outreach to the community and simply providing fun, real education to real people. You should bring a notepad – although sometimes, you will be asked to let that go. Snacks are usually permitted – keep it healthy. Please, remember that we are a scent-free office.

Date and time are posted on our Facebook page found here ==> https://www.facebook.com/801883136534091/

This class will be Tuesday, June 7th, 7:00PM. Here is the EVENT page ==> https://www.facebook.com/events/1035721323130516/

We will also explore the intriguing world of hypnosis.

Your mind doesn’t “just do” random things. It turns out that your mind works from a set of very real (and useful) “rules”, “laws”, or better put – factors.

You can change your behavior if you change those factors. Not by will power. Imagine that you actually find it easy to do the things you want to do.

No Selling – All Content

Again, this class is meant as part of our community involvement. The class will be focused on teaching the principles of how your mind works. There will be no “selling”. In fact, in order to become a client you will need to be screened or approved. Look at this workshop as a fun way to learn a lot about yourself. (Separate classes, such as “The Client Read” are also available.)

This class also counts toward any hypnosis schools certification training student’s hours.

Your Outcome

In any change process, workshop, or class, you will always want to have a specific outcome. What is the thing that you wish – if we had a magic wand, and went “dink” – you could change.

What habit, pattern, or behavior do you want to change? What is your outcome?

• Weight Loss

• Quit Smoking

• Reduce Stress

• Boost Confidence

• Sports

• Sleep

Those are just a few examples. Is it one of those or something else?

You should have some sort of an outcome. It is okay to learn just for fun, too! Still, an outcome will make your learning more complete.

You will have had a real change, using the real techniques that you are learning. So, you will know that the techniques work and that what you are learning is real.

Please Register

You may call us to discuss your needs and whether or not this workshop class is right for you. We are happy to talk with you.

Registration is required – even for free events. If you call, we ask that you still visit the Facebook event on our page and click “Interested” or “Going”. That way we can ensure that we have enough seating. Seating is very limited in our small space.

Your Screening Is Free

At the hypnosis center, we discuss, in-depth, what is happening with you. We will discuss your needs and what you will need to learn and practice in order to get your results.

Written Service Guarantee

If you ever go back to your problem, our services are free of charge. That’s right. Really. If you need further support or just a “brush up”, simply call. Also, if you need extra sessions to reach you desired results and goals, you get free sessions, one per month, until you reach your desired results. We stay with the problem until you are happy.



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