Excess Stress Doesn’t Just Slow Productivity… It Hurts The Body And Feels Miserable…

How Every Busy, Stressed-Out, Hard-Working Person Can Get Peace Of Mind Without Wasting Valuable Time Having To Figuring It Out All Alone

Surefire Steps To Shrink Stress While Staying Productive

From Chris Halbohm
Mahwah, NJ
Re: Now’s your time to de-stress!

Dear Friend,
It’s A FACT: Stress steals your ability to both naturally be “yourself” AND to get things done efficiently.
It’s so unfortunate how so many people suffer needlessly from stress every day…
The worst part is, they don’t even notice the mental mistakes they are making or how it is deteriorating their life until it’s too late!
The world is suffering today from so much change. My mentor Scott McFall says that “with this much change this fast, it’s not possible to not be stressed.”
When I was looking for stress-relief I was suffering in ways I didn’t even know.
Do you need to de-stress AND still stay productive enough to get things done for your life and family?
Then this package is the answer you’ve been looking for. Read on…
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Do you need to de-stress AND STILL stay productive enough to get things done for your business, your life, and your family?

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with too many directions to go – difficult to pick one – and end up getting none of it done?

Do you want more free time to spend with your family instead of being a slave to your work?

Do you deep down just BELIEVE and know that you can do better, but can’t seem to get yourself to do it, in any of these following areas:
• the drive and desire to get up and go do the things that make your business really hum
• personal confidence of KNOWING your prospect inside and out well enough to KNOW you can help them
• any other behaviors, beliefs, or habits that are keeping you and your life from thriving as fully as it could

Or MAYBE you simply want to do better with reaching your full potential.

It may be that you want to get more done, faster, and with much less stress — In the field of hypnosis, we call that having a “resource state.”

Or… the skills of team-building and leadership that are required to turn your group into a well-oiled machine — and one that respects you more.

You may simply have the deep down insight and feeling — something inside telling you in the quiet moments with yourself — that you can do more, produce faster, and be better!… Making the money you could be making and making your impact by helping the people who need you!

If any of the above is true for you, then this coaching program may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Read on…

Chris Halbohm, Certified Master Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Instructor

I, Like You, Was Stressed Out Of My Mind

Read My Story…

I too was stressed and suffering. I even had migraine headaches that took me out for a couple of days about once per month.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on, and even got an undergraduate degree in psychology in college to try to solve it.
Then, one day things changed… I discovered self-hypnosis. I began to study it and take the training courses.
A couple years into my career, I met my mentor Scott McFall. He has taught me many intriguing tools… including how to reduce stress.
But, I was still suffering from stress. My stress was so bad that I couldn’t even face it anymore. And, I was simply “going through the motions” of life – almost numb to the stress.
One day I was out riding my motorcycle, and someone made an illegal turn in front of me. Of course, I crashed into the side of the perpetrating SUV. My body was thrown up against the side of the truck and my head went through the side window. Fortunately, I was wearing a helmet.

This event was so stressful for me that my thinking and decision-making suffered. I started making poorer and poorer choices in my life for quite a while. 

At one point, my once-thriving business was doing so poorly, I couldn’t even afford groceries and had to go to food pantries to get food. I remember one day… there I was cruising down the highway in my Lexus LS400 luxury sedan, after one pantry stop, so hungry I was snacking on a small handful of stalks of scallions they had just given me… Oh the irony!

I was thankful to have the scallions, but it dawned on me how ridiculous all of this really was.

My mind went into overdrive trying to think “how can I do this differently?” What was it I needed to do to “bring things back together again”?

Finally, I realized something that would change my life forever.

Started putting to real use the skill sets I’m about to teach you…

I finally said to myself…

“Maybe I was wrong!”

“Maybe there was a better way to get all these things accomplished – without the stress.”

And I started asking for help more, listening and learning more, and relying on the help of my subconscious mind more (yes, the very skill I was teaching others to do). Nobody is perfect at these skills, but I was beginning to truly learn.

That’s why I’m sharing this with you.

Because I don’t ever want anybody to go through what I went through – not even my least favorite person in the world.

And I decided…. that I want to see you, who are the powerhouse of individuals who are our innovators, creators, and work-force, to be the best you can be… and live to your full potential… THUS helping humanity….

These are the exact same tools we use in our hypnosis centers nationwide. And they are the same tools that have gotten results for thousands and thousands of clients.
So, I wanted to share these tools with as many people as possible, and I created the Hypnotic Stress-Shrinking Technique and in-depth training steps video and worksheet package.

My Proven Method To Melt Stress From Your Mind
And Body While Staying Productive

…(Even If You Believe You Don’t Know How And You’ve Been “Hitting Your Head Up Against The Wall” Trying Over And Over Again To Figure It Out)

Many people struggle with the pains and hassles of stressfully trying to figure things out on their own… often in quiet silence… for years and years.
Then, if they do find a competent hypnotist, they have to wait for an appointment, and get in the car and drive to the center… And so on.

I want to make it easy for you… and for as many people to get these skills and tools as possible. So I decided to “put it out there” in this package.

All you have to do is listen to what I have to teach you – Like Karate Kid…. [Mention earlier in story part as well]

“Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief”

• 7 steps (worksheet)
• The hypnotic stress-shrinking technique itself takes only minutes to do
• Step #3 shows you how to handle the “fight or flight” response
• Step #5 exposes the #1 mistake people make facing their fears and worries
• Includes a quick home session demo
Can you imagine yourself so good at what you are doing that it just seems to flow… ? You can get more done with less effort and time…?

2023 will be a year of big changes – (technology, AI, social changes, and changes in marketing and advertising, among other things).

These changes will *demand* a higher caliber human being to rise to the occasion and meet the needs of the world at large.

Yes, you can learn to be head and shoulders above the rest. I love working with responsible folks who show up on time and turn in assignments.

You have gifts and talents to deliver to help those you serve. So, let’s get you being the best version of you possible WHILE learning how to de-stress and save time and energy, mentally and physically.

Top Stress-Reduction Specialist Reveals Insider Secrets To De-Stress Without Wasting Countless Hours Figuring It Out On Your Own… If You Want To Find Peace And Enjoy Life 
…Read This Entire Letter Right Now”

Are you feeling the effects of stress?
Maybe muscle tension?
Lack of focus
Maybe it’s affecting your sleep, or even your relationships and communication (or causing MIS-communication) with others.

You will need to pass a Free Screening to make sure you are able to receive feedback and follow instructions while we are together so that we can have a reasonable expectation of your success.

“Stress… The Silent Destroyer Of Our Skills, Talents, And Abilities”

Have you ever lost your keys and couldn’t find them until you stopped looking? Isn’t it strange how we find what we are looking for when we aren’t even trying?
When really, the solution was so simple it was staring us in the face, but we couldn’t see it.

“That’s Why You Need To Grab These Tools Before You Do Anything Else…”

When stress hits, we often don’t even realize how much it deteriorates our life until the damage is already done.
We forget things… We waste needless time and energy “hitting our head up against the wall” trying to figure out solutions to our daily problems…

“You Need These Stress-Busting Skills Right Now”

“End debilitating self-doubt and start living stress-free…”

Have you ever heard the metaphor about “having one foot on the dock and one foot in the boat“?… You usually end up wet!
When we are stuck in our head (usually with worries and self-doubt), we don’t get much of anything done.

“Help Train Yourself To Be More Single-minded..”

This helps you make better decisions and be stress-free.

“Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief”

Begin to realize how important it is to think clearly and with precision.

“Now You Have A Genuine Opportunity To Melt Stress”

Here’s How…………..

Many people struggle with the pains and hassles of stress… often in quiet silence… for years and years.
Then, if they do find a hypnotist, they have to wait for an appointment, and get in the car and drive to the center… And so on.
I want to make it easy for you… and for as many people to get these skills and tools as possible. So I decided to “put it out there” in this package.

Are You Ready To Trade In Frustration For Productivity & Mental Focus?

When we are overwhelmed, confused, or simply not using our brain right, we often don’t even realize how much it deteriorates our life until the damage is already done.

Stress-Reduction And Self-Mastery – What Took Me Over 22 Years Of Training, Gathering, And Boiling Down To Create… – Can Be Yours For The Taking

Yes… for about the price of a single month of one fancy cup of coffee a day, you can get access to a framework that took me over 22 years of training, gathering, and boiling down to the essentials to create… 

All you have to do is click below and put in your debit or credit card and you will get immediate access to download the full in-depth videos and worksheet. Then call me to schedule your personalized Free Screening and Stress-Relief Strategy Session.

Discover How To FREE Yourself…

These are the exact same tools we have used in our hypnosis centers nationwide. And they are the same tools that have gotten results for thousands and thousands of clients.

Here’s What Others Just Like You Have To Say…

Notice Their Side Benefits, Too, Like Weight Lost And Income Increased…

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

I came to Chris for help with stopping biting my fingernails – which really was just a symptom of an overstressed, perfectionist mentality. This helped me develop a better set of tools for coping with stress. – Jessica Bair, Professional Organizer, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

I have eliminated the tangle of shame. I’m able to keep productivity high without going “full speed” all the time. I’m able to respond instead of react in conversations. My income has increased 30% since using this training.” – Clint Glazner, IT Manager, Business Coaching Mentorship Client & Hypnosis Certification Student

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

“This has changed my life in so many ways. Now, I handle stressful situations with humor, and I can redirect anger into positive actions. I am full of laughter, happiness, and energy.” – Kelly Bailey, Optometry Technician, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

I feel sharper and more equipped to handle stress and remain emotionally stable. – Nicole C, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

I’m facing stressors in a more relaxed way. – Peggy Makos, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

I feel better physically by experiencing more, and that has also relieved some of my stress. – Debbie Smallan, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

I feel like a new person. – Cindy Sales, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

“It’s as though the stress and worries are lifted away. A refreshing attitude. Time for me. It’s like a little piece of paradise, plus I lost 40 pounds! It will give you a whole new lease on life. You deserve a second chance to be the best that you can be.” – Rachel Manento, Registered Nurse, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

The stress and anxiety that I have felt in the past ‘ARE’ melting away. I have developed self control about all aspects of my life from eating healthy and exercising to sleeping better at night. – Tammy Fueker, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

“This helped me save my company hundreds of thousands of dollars. I strongly recommend Chris’s training for anyone interested in learning hypnosis for themselves and to help others.” – Sam Yankelovich, Hypnosis Student and Automotive V.P.

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

Hypnosis has helped me to reduce stress, regain self-awareness, and rebuild my self-esteem. A useful tool in tapping into the ‘me’ I’m supposed to be. – Stephanie Nelson, Stay-At-Home Mom, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

Confidence levels are way up. – Marty Sutton

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

I lost 23 pounds. I have learned to relax and deal with stress in a whole new way. My self-esteem has now skyrocketed, and my ability to deal with things has totally changed. – Gail Lamaroux, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

The stress level has hugely decreased. – Betty Bridges, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

I have more confidence and less stress — Teresa Ippoliti, Military Retiree, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

I feel less stress in my life. – Ray Lewis

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

“Chris gave me the confidence I needed to overcome destructive attitudes that hindered my success. I have better rapport with my prospects. Since training, I’ve signed 2 new contracts and 3 more new very high- dollar prospects for next year.” – Joan Freeman – Sales Rep

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

During the day I have less stressable to change directions if needed without hesitation. – Linda Wilson, Client

5 Star Weight Loss Reviews

No more stress eating. – Terry Kostoff, Client

Hypnosis Is A Natural, God-Given Skill…

Now Is The Best Time To Start Doing Something Good For Yourself…

People use hypnosis to improve everything you can dream of, like:

• feel genuine relief

• save time

• get more done

• connect with family more

• communicate better with others

Hypnosis has become a respected method for helping motivate individuals.

Hypnosis was approved by the AMA (American Medical Association) in 1958 as a field of medical study, and, then in 1961, the AMA began recommending that all medical professionals get training in hypnosis.

It is now taught at even the major ivy league schools such as Harvard, Seton Hall, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, just to name a few, and is used in every branch of the military.

That’s where the field of hypnosis is today.

But, all that technical stuff aside…

Did you know that you go into hypnosis dozens of times a day, without even knowing it. For example, going to sleep at night or coming awake in the morning.

That’s what hypnosis feels very much  like – very safe, normal, & natural – mostly aware of everything that is happening. And, actually, you are more in control when you are in hypnosis than when you’re not in hypnosis.

Have you ever been driving your car and daydream a little and miss a turn? That’s another example of hypnosis. And, if a ball rolls out into street, you would automatically “snap to” and put on your brakes.

You also know things through hypnotic learning. For example, finish this popular advertising campaign slogan… “Bounty is the quicker picker _______ (whatter?)”….


You know that through repetition, fixation, and relaxation – which are hypnotic techniques in marketing. And you will always know it forever because of the hypnotic nature of this learning!

Here’s another example. Have you ever been laughing at a funny movie? Or cried at the sad parts of a movie?

Of course you have. You were responding physically to how the characters felt in the movie. Even though the movie is fake – just pictures on a screen – your emotions are absolutely real.

What do you think would happen if you could program your mind to be more efficient and “on point” during the day? And your body to be more relaxed? Do you think you would feel better? Get more done? Make better decisions? Be more focused on your goals? Help more people?

Of course you want the magic of hypnosis, and you will want that. Still, realize that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. So think of me like your favorite teacher… just bringing you through the steps that work.

Hypnosis In The Media…

Hypnosis can help …a growing body of research supports the practice as an effective tool in the treatment of a variety of problems, from anxiety to chronic pain.”
Newsweek, 9/04

“Hypnosis has gained credibility in the past fve years because of research using the latest brain-imaging technology…. Studies show hypnosis can help treat a multitude of disorders…”
Business Week, 2/04

“On hypnosis…His total loss, 35 pounds!” Losing It! The Ultimate Diet Challenge
Dateline NBC 1/04

“I should have done it years ago…It’s amazing I didn’t even want cigarettes any more.”
Matt Damon describing his hypnosis experience to Jay Leno,
The Tonight Show, 12/04

“With weight loss the evidence is conclusive…hypnosis does help people reduce.”
Smithsonian Magazine, 3/99

“…throughout the medical mainstream, it’s common to be used for addiction…and psychotherapy.”
Diane Sawyer, Good Morning America, 6/02

Who Am I And Why Should You Pay Attention To This Training…

• Over 22 years seasoned experience (since 2000)


• Have begun clinics and state-licensed hypnosis schools around the country, generating 6-figure incomes within only weeks of opening!

• Have delivered thousands of client sessions seeing as many as 25 people per day / helping 80 people per week in my clinics. Here’s an example of my advertising of real results from genuine people at these clinics whom I have personally worked with.

• Have used self-hypnosis on myself to reduce stress, eliminate migraines headaches, and reduce/squelch fear of public speaking.

• Delivered speaking to groups both public and private:
The American Legion, American Cancer Society, state universities, government agencies, & local hospitals among many others [(See+ local community FBG Post text + resume for more, but keep it simple)]

On fun, inspiring, and purpose-filled Signature topics like [Use checkmarks in 2 columns to keep it clean and readable]: Motivation & Achievement; Leadership & Teamwork; Communication Skills For Rewarding Relationships; Boosting Sales; Leadership & Teamwork; Customer Satisfaction; Employee Morale; Conflict Resolution; Sales & Productivity; Facing The Fear Of Change

Professional Motivational Speaking


Have over 22 years of rave reviews (since 2000)

Reference Letters Collage

Been featured sharing these success stories and demonstrations on both local and national TV, like CBS, NBC, and Fox

In 2023 And Onward, People With These Skill Sets Will Win Out

Can you imagine and see yourself being like the people in these success stories? One day, you may be sharing your story to help others to come to this material.

In this special Stress-Relief package, you can use the learning to begin to:

Reduce stress, be more efficient, become the superstar of your work

• Speed your productivity — Get more done but with *less* time, energy, and effort

• How to let your new skills, talents, and abilities seem to simply “flow” from you to accomplish more – connect with more people, make more sales, be the best version of you that you can be

• Be best you can so you can give the best – results for clients

• Motivation – See your vision more clearly so you can accomplish your dream projects and goals

• Open up untapped resources within your mind — learn what a hypnotic “resource state” is and how to use it

• Make better, faster, and easier decisions

• Bring zeal to your work!

Get Your “Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief” Package Today

…(You Will Get Everything Here, Including The 7 FREE Bonuses Listed Below)

You Will Get – 1-1 personalized coaching plus the home trainings, modules, and materials…

In a unique hybrid combination of live sessions (via phone or Zoom video), video learning modules, home audio recordings, and workbook material… “Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief” delivers a Transformational Experience. You Will Get:

1 personalized 1-1 Screening and Strategy Live Session With Me Via Phone or Zoom Video

Discover hypnosis first hand – We will teach you about hypnosis and you will experience real “hypnotic phenomena” (you may experience how to feel your eyes heavy and stuck shut, hands tingling or numb, letting go of numbers – selective amnesia, etc.)

– You will receive suggestions specific to you for stress relief

– You will get a personal “read” of you and your situation. This step is magical, and many people say that they learned so much about themselves in this step that it was worth doing just for that!

– You will be screened to find how well you are able to pay attention and follow instructions, so that we can have a reasonable expectation for your success – and to find out out if you can be accepted into further future programs should you want them.

Letting Go Of Overreaction To Stress – Home Hypnosis Session Audio Recording

– For reinforcement

– With calming music and suggestions, you will practice and learn how to reduce stress

– “See” the events of your life in a way that works more to keep you relaxed and calm through tough situations

1-Month-Out Follow-Up Session

– To be sure that you are on track

Today Over 95% Off Package

Bonus #1 – End Worry And Sleep Well – eBook

“A Guidebook On How to Master Stress So You Can Sleep Better And Be Refreshed And Energized”

Total Value: $37


• Reduce and eliminate the patterns of worry that keep you up at night
• Discover habits and techniques to get a great night’s sleep so you can wake up refreshed and energized

Get This For FREE When You Order “Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief” Today

Bonus #2 – Hypnotic Stress Reduction – Special Technique To Reduce Stress

“7 Easy Steps With Video And Worksheet”

Total Value: $297

(steps video plus worksheet)

• How to reduce stress

• See the situations of your life differently so you can FEEL different (ie. less stress)

Get This For FREE When You Order “Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief” Today

Bonus #3 – Control Creation – How To Choose Your Emotions

“Pick Your State Of Mind Instead Of Being And The Whim And Mercy Of Circumstances”

Total Value: $47

(steps one-sheet and audible)

• Walks you through how to choose your emotions so you’re not losing control and reactionary to life’s stresses

• Instead of only reacting, learn how to pick your mindset

Get This For FREE When You Order “Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief” Today

Bonus #4 – Discover Self-Hypnosis – Introductory Session Audio

“Ever Wondered About The Secrets Of Hypnosis? Discover It Here”

Total Value: $97


• Begin your journey of self-control, relaxation, and creating new responses to life
• Get a sneak peek at how to use self-hypnosis

Get This For FREE When You Order “Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief” Today

Bonus #5 – The Top 7 Benefits To Reducing Stress – One-Sheet List

“WARNING: Stress Doesn’t Just Hurt Your Life And Productivity”

Total Value: $27

(One-Sheet List)

• Get a little refresher-reminder and encouragement on your stress-relief journey
• I’ve put together the benefits that stand out most from leading sources
• Includes hypnotist’s commentary (that I’ve seen from over 20 years of seeing clients)

Get This For FREE When You Order “Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief” Today

Bonus #6 – Become A Communication Superstar – Report And Video Training

“There’s Nothing More Frustrating And Stressful Than Misunderstandings”

Total Value: $147

(special report and training video)

• Have you ever felt misunderstood? Maybe you want to avoid mistakes while communicating. Want to understand others more? Here’s your chance!
• Good communication reduces the stress of daily situations!

Communicating better with your prospects and clients helps you begin to learn to read people, understand what they’re thinking and how they make decisions, even decisions about buying your product or service. Begin to have them feel understood by you! If this one thing alone came easily to you, how would this change your business and your life?

• Basics of rapport — when and how to use it — and when it is best not to have rapport!

Get This For FREE When You Order “Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief” Today

Bonus #7 – How To Reduce Stress –
Private, Exclusive Interview with “Mentor to the Mentors” Scott McFall

“Discover The Most Common Patterns That Keep People Stuck And How To Eliminate Them”

Total Value: $37


• I got the chance to interview my trainer, “Mentor To The Mentors”, Scott McFall. I asked him to expand on what he would do to BOOST YOUR RESULTS! …Get this private, exclusive interview over 20 full minutes of EYE-opening insights! This offer is not available at ANY other time or place.

Get This For FREE When You Order “Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief” Today


Who This Is For

Those Who Are Most Successful With Our Programs Are Those Who:

• want to up their game, get more done with less energy

• want to be the best version of yourself you can be, beat the competition, and reduce stress

• you are in enough pain struggling with where you are currently at

• sincere about solving the problem

• willing to follow a few simple steps

• willing to discover some new ways to make your life easier


Who This Is Not For

Those Who Should Not Apply:

• think they will “get rich quick”

• not willing to take responsibility for actions

• unwilling to receive feedback

• blamey or weird in any way

• not willing to listen to helpful feedback

• expect perfection – So, realize that no day or week will go perfectly – there will be ups and downs – and that is okay

There Is No Catch

You might ask.. why am I giving away all this stuff for only 97 bucks? What’s the catch?
There’s really no catch!
I want you to try it and see how you benefit from it.
I know you’re going to like this material so much and find it helpful that you’re probably gonna want more from me in the future – whether in the form of more recorded trainings, or live services.
Who knows… One day, you might even hire me to come and speak for your group.

Time Is Of The Essence, Though…

Here’s the thing…
This offer is available online right now, but I’m not sure how long I’m going to leave it up. I feel crazy to offer all this at this price even as I type this letter.
It could available for be a week… a month… a year…
If the link is still there, you can still get in on it.

Results Are Guaranteed…

Here Is My “You’ve Gotta Be Crazy” Guarantee

You might ask, well “what if it doesn’t work for me?”
With human behavior change, of course no one can promise an exact result. It would be ridiculous to do so.
But, I am confident that if you sincerely use this material, you will start to benefit and reduce your stress.
If however you find that you need more time and help, simply let me know.
We make the following Written Service Guarantee:
After the initial training period for our program is completed, we will provide free reinforcement consulting at client’s request as needed (maximum one per month for up to a full year) until client is satisfied and has attained his or her desired results.
Upon payment of goals program fee in full, there are absolutely no more charges, regardless of the time duration involved for the client to reach his or her goal. As people vary, so will the time duration needed for each individual to achieve their individual goal.
Success using hypnosis is dependent on many variables including the attitude, motivation, and the attendance of scheduled sessions and classes by the client. Even though human behavior obviously cannot be guaranteed, we make this service guarantee for our educational services.
I am confident that if you are sincere about making your change, pay good attention and learn the steps, you should not need the extra follow ups given in this guarantee. If we feel this package is not right for you, then, at our discretion, we will provide a refund minus nominal processing fees.
However, if you want a more thorough program, you will have the opportunity to ask about that as well.

You Must Act Fast!

Here’s One Last Recap Of Everything You’ll Get Today When You Order My “Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief”

Today Over 95% Off Package

1-on-1 live session with me via phone or Zoom video

(Value $777)

• 1-on-1 live follow-up session with me

(Value $510)

Letting Go Of Overreaction To Stress – Home Hypnosis Session Audio Recording

(Value $47)

End Worry And Sleep Well – eBook

(Value $37)

Hypnotic Stress Reduction – Video Training And Worksheet

(Value $297)

Control Creation – Worksheet And Audible

(Value $47)

Discover Self-Hypnosis – Intro Session Audible

(Value $97)

The Top 7 Benefits To Reducing Stress – One-Sheet List

(Value $27)

Become A Communication Superstar – Special Report And Video Training

(Value $147)

How To Reduce Stress – Private, Exclusive Interview with “Mentor to the Mentors” Scott McFall – Audible

(Value $37)

Total Value: $2,023

Today Just $97

(Over 95% Off)

YES Chris! Give Me Instant Access To The “Hypnotic Advantage: Stress-Relief” Training Package RIGHT NOW For Just $97.00 !

This is your chance for freedom and a sense of peace. I want to see you succeed.

Thanks again,

P.S. If you don’t do something about the problem now, chances are, it will only get worse. I want to see your success! Take a chance on yourself and get your life back today.

Call Now For Your FREE Screening…

I can only handle X# of participants at a time. And, once program spots are filled, this offer is gone….

So, call now for your Free Screening. It’s fun and informative….

My Easy Contact Info For Your "Rolodex"

Chris Halbohm, CH, CI
Master Consulting Hypnotist • Certified NLP Instructor/Trainer • Professional Speaker

76 Sunset Ct, Mahwah, NJ  07430

toll free phone: 855-669-2426
cell: 806-777-2026

email: service@KeystoneHypnosisCenter.com
website: KeystoneHypnosisCenter.com

A Gift From Me To You...

How To Get Your Goals:
7 Hypnosis Secrets Crucial To Your Personal Goals Or Business Success
– by Chris Halbohm, CH, CI

7 Hypnosis Secrets Cover

• Learn what “failure expectancy” is and how to BUST it
• Discover the 2 human motivation strategies and crush complacency
• Get the FORMULA to create a new belief
• Control Creation – Confront the hidden ways you sabotage yourself
• Learn what a “resource state” is and how to tap into it
• See the list of tools needed that any Success Program must include
• Vaccinate yourself against negativity from yourself & others

* a BONUS Report – “Is Hypnosis Right For You?” is included on the download page!

Is Hypnosis Right For You Report Cover

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They’ll THANK YOU for a talk well worth while!

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Rave reviews for over 22 years (since 2000)

Reference Letters Collage

People Are Talking About Chris Halbohm

Your enthusiasm was clearly absorbed by the attendees. – Dr. Geri Fee

Invigorating, lively & fun. – Carol M.

I would highly recommend attending it! – Lucia Bechdel

Professionally run. – Patsy C.

A great experience. A lot of fun! – Bernice R.

Entertaining! – Peggy Bierer

His demonstrations, using members of the audience, were effective. – Dick Burnon, Programming Director

Much enthusiasm! So upbeat. – Bill G .

Read our many reviews from our clients right from within our community – many of whom we have known for many years. Read our many reference letters from dozens of organizations. We have spoken for or worked with many, such as: Chamber of Commerce, American Cancer Society, Penn State University, American Legion, and literally hundreds more success stories in our archives and office – Read More Here.

Why Chris Halbohm...

• Get eye-opening, valuable information and real training that you can use immediately to boost results.

• Help your school or organization to thrive in this time of such socioeconomic pain.

• Gain clear perspective & goals and improve chances for success based on REAL-time feedback for your organization or company. Your people are the focus of the engagement. All training is geared toward those who are there and what they specifically need and are there to get.

Fun, Inspiring, And Purpose-Filled

In order to reach the actual goal and purpose of the presentation, I use stories, movie quotes, and personal life experience. With classy humor, visual aides, and sometimes magic illusion as appropriate, the audience often comments that they don’t want it to end. Folks often mention that the time flies and they want to stay and they want more.

“We believe that we offer the best services available, the lowest possible cost, with the least amount of hassle. Here’s why . . .”

Our brief & informative, yet intriguing monologue on hypnosis puts attendees TRULY at ease and WANTING to participate. By the event’s end, they can feel proud that they were the stars of the program.

Our in-depth experience in hypnosis delivers a fun, safe, and unique experience sure to be remembered.

You are a busy person. Our staff is cooperative and will work with you to the best of our ability on whatever your special needs may be. We even offer possible Group & Tour Rates.

Special “All-Travel-Expenses-Included” fee packages are available

Our Community Appearances

 I am very thankful to the wonderful people over at the TV studio. They did a fantastic job putting together a weight loss hypnosis piece on the local WYOU News and PAHomepage.com. We have also appeared on national TV with Fox News (This link needs repair). Also, here is the recent article in the Times Leader newspaper covering our appearance at the Hoyt Library in PA, to name a few. Many more can be seen at our Community Support page.

What To Expect

• Custom fees and proposals are provided according to your school’s / organization’s needs.
• You and I get to be the architects of the program’s structure. It can include regular visits to the school or group for in-house trainings, it can include having me on as a hired employee or contractor, and it could include individualized work with students and/or staff.
• Special “All-Travel-Expenses-Included” fee packages are available anywhere worldwide.
• NOTICE: Not all programs, trainings, consultancies include hypnosis per se. If you request it and the head hypnotist decides to allow you, then being hypnotized is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Here's What To Do

Simply call us today to discuss your your school’s / organization’s needs. (While choosing your topic, realize that we also offer: full sound / public address service, set-up in many instances if required, press releases and promotional help, and coaching instructions to you for a great program, etc.)

For professional speaking engagements that are paid / hired events, we are happy to provide a custom proposal just for you. (If you are seeking the free/no-fee, introductory talk, simply talk with us to pick a topic, time, and date. Pro-bono time will be limited on a first-come-first-served basis month by month and at our discretion.)

Schedule your time and date with us. I can only service a few schools or medical groups at a time. Once my schedule is full, that’s all I can handle. So, please call me today to find out what we can do to help your people. 855-669-2426

Chris Halbohm Bio

Chris Halbohm, Certified Hypnotist, is a master hypnotist and Certified Instructor / NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & hypnosis trainer. Author of “End Worry & Sleep Well”, he is founder of the leading hypnosis schools New Jersey has to offer and one of the first hypnosis schools of its kind in the country.

Chris was trained and certified in hypnosis and hypnotherapy through the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Master Hypnotist Society. He is sometimes known in the community as “The Accessible Expert”.

Chris Halbohm has a top-ranking, proven track record of client results and has has personally delivered thousands of client visits. He has developed multiple schools and clinics across the country – some of the most successful in existence.

In his over 22 years (since 2000) clinical experience, Chris has appeared on local & national TV and radio and has spoken and taught at international conventions and been commissioned to speak for groups both public and private. Main location now in North Jersey NJ.

He has been very involved in his community as a member and President of Lions Clubs International, teaching at the local community college, and serving on the Mayor and Council’s Citizen Advisory Commission.

Special “All-Travel-Expenses-Included” fee packages are available.
You may inquire about Chris’s availability for speaking, training, stage performance, or personal coaching services. Please call 855-669-2426.

Sleep Book
Chris Halbohm On TV

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 

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