Is Hypnosis Certification Right For You?

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Whether you’ve considered hypnosis training or you’ve come upon this article simply from curiosity, this will help shed some light on it for you. The world needs real and skilled trained professionals who get results. Do you like to help people & inspire?

Firstly, for what reasons might you want to become a certified hypnotist…

• Perhaps you want to help people and inspire them in general.

• Maybe you want to make money as a home business or side business.

• Perhaps, you simply want to understand people better or connect with family more.

• Many of my best students were once clients who took the courses for fun!

What Is Hypnosis Certification

You will be able to practice hypnosis to educate people toward their personal goals. There are four levels to our training (Basic, Advanced Techniques, Business, Group / Stage):

• Professional Hypnosis Client Techniques Basic Certification

• Advanced Hypnotic Applications Certification

• Hypnosis Center Business Structure

• Advanced Group Hypnotism Applications

You need the Basic Level (first one). Then you are able to begin to practice professional hypnotism. You must then wait six months before being considered for the next level training.

In Order To Be Successful At Hypnosis, You will need to be able to:

• Give real and genuine support and feedback.

• Be accurate over time.

• Know and execute the hypnotic techniques effectively

• Guarantee your services…

• Etc.

In addition to the techniques, themselves, you will also need to learn the dangers in the field, which techniques to avoid, and many other things.

You may request a school catalog which lists out the various topics for each level.

If You Want To Train Simply For Fun And Personal Learning, Then…

You can do that, too! Many of our best students started ‘just for fun’.

As with all students, you will still be required to have some form of personal transformation experience, yourself, early on in your training process. For example, a new student might want to quit smoking or reduce stress.

Also, the classes and home study are designed to be fun, eye-opening, and just a blast!

Who Should Apply?

If you are still wondering if this is for you.. realize that we have had students from of all types in the training ..and for all different reasons.

Here are just a few examples:

• retired or ex-military wishing to create new income

• a person who likes to learn and is simply intrigued

• house wife who wants something fun and productive to do

• perhaps you are already in a helping profession (for one example, a nurse)

• Etc.

Feel free to call us to schedule your free screening for training. We are happy to talk with you and discuss your goals and needs.

Your Screening Is Free

At the hypnosis center, we discuss, in-depth, what is happening with you. We will discuss your needs and what you will need to learn and practice in order to get your results.

Written Service Guarantee

If you ever go back to your problem, our services are free of charge. That’s right. Really. If you need further support or just a “brush up”, simply call. Also, if you need extra sessions to reach you desired results and goals, you get free sessions, one per month, until you reach your desired results. We stay with the problem until you are happy.



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