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Most of the time when folks go to do a new habit or goal, they associate pain with it, instead of pleasure. This simple mistake of the human brain automatically thinks it will be hard because it has been hard (or impossible) in the past. This is known as Failure Expectancy, especially when it comes to weight loss. It simply does not yet know how it can be easy to do…. yet!

The pain that a person experiences may be any of the following:

• worry about how much time it will take

• imagining the pain and effort they will feel “trying”

• the “I screwed up” in the past, so “it’ll never work” internal talk

However, what if you notice that there are plenty of people who DO know how to do it – and with relative ease. There are people who experience:

• the new habit (eg. exercise) just naturally slips easily into their daily schedule, because they want it so much – they’d actually miss it it they didn’t have it

• imagining the GOOD feelings you will get once your doing it

• realize that if you change your approach, you change your results

Those are just a few examples of what you can do when you accept new and beneficial suggestions.

What do you think would happen if you received the suggestions that:

“you feel fuller from less food”

“you enjoy your food more, but eat less”

“you have a more filling satisfaction from less food”


“you physically WANT to move – it gives you a good feeling – like a child at recess – you WANT to ‘go out and play’”


“breathing fresh air is your new healthy habit – rather than the crippling death and pain of smoking”

You get the idea?

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