Stress-Relief Training Programs
For College Students & Medical Groups

Discover How To Solve The Root Cause Of
Unneeded Suffering & Poor Performance

Results-Focussed For Your Attendees

Students Are Suffering From Stress

College students and medical groups are among the hardest hit suffering from stress after the Covid lockdowns. Stress not only causes physical pain and discomfort… it is often the root of poor performance as well. It has come to my attention that bruxism (teeth clenching and grinding) are being seen on the steep rise in dentists’ offices. Now, you can hire me, Chris Halbohm, to come in for in-house trainings with your students or staff. Each training program is customized. And, you have a choice of holding a finite program (with a beginning, a middle, and an end) or having me stay on staff more indefinitely to hold regular trainings and give more individualized attention to students’ concerns as they arise. Additionally, as founder of multiple state-licensed schools myself, I am currently seeking colleges with whom to contract to potentially share my curricula.

A Program With Real Tools To Reduce & Control Stress

Specifically designed for colleges/schools, and medical groups, these stress-relief training programs include an orientation/intro class.

Attendees will:

• learn strategies to relax & clear the mind.

• learn to reframe un-useful triggers & anchors.

• experience real self-hypnotic phenomena (hands tingling, eye catalepsy, selective amnesia, etc.) and apply it to the skill of reducing stress.

• Much much more

Fun, Inspiring, And Purpose-Filled

In order to reach the actual goal and purpose of the presentation, I use stories, movie quotes, and personal life experience. With classy humor, visual aides, and sometimes magic illusion as appropriate, the audience often comments that they don’t want it to end. Folks often mention that the time flies and they want to stay and they want more.

Bonus Topics You Can Receive:

Visual goal models – learn to set goals and become more motivated

Communication skills / read others – be more understood by others and have them feeling understood by you

Focus & productivity – boost how much you can get done in a day

Academic / study habits – speed-learning and memorization habits

a very special, remembered training…

They’ll THANK YOU for a talk well worth while!

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Rave reviews for over 22 years (since 2000)

Reference Letters Collage

People Are Talking About Chris Halbohm

Your enthusiasm was clearly absorbed by the attendees. – Dr. Geri Fee

Invigorating, lively & fun. – Carol M.

I would highly recommend attending it! – Lucia Bechdel

Professionally run. – Patsy C.

A great experience. A lot of fun! – Bernice R.

Entertaining! – Peggy Bierer

His demonstrations, using members of the audience, were effective. – Dick Burnon, Programming Director

Much enthusiasm! So upbeat. – Bill G .

Read our many reviews from our clients right from within our community – many of whom we have known for many years. Read our many reference letters from dozens of organizations. We have spoken for or worked with many, such as: Chamber of Commerce, American Cancer Society, Penn State University, American Legion, and literally hundreds more success stories in our archives and office – Read More Here.

Why Chris Halbohm...

• Get eye-opening, valuable information and real training that you can use immediately to boost results.

• Help your school or organization to thrive in this time of such socioeconomic pain.

• Gain clear perspective & goals and improve chances for success based on REAL-time feedback for your organization or company. Your people are the focus of the engagement. All training is geared toward those who are there and what they specifically need and are there to get.

“We believe that we offer the best services available, the lowest possible cost, with the least amount of hassle. Here’s why . . .”

Our brief & informative, yet intriguing monologue on hypnosis puts attendees TRULY at ease and WANTING to participate. By the event’s end, they can feel proud that they were the stars of the program.

Our in-depth experience in hypnosis delivers a fun, safe, and unique experience sure to be remembered.

You are a busy person. Our staff is cooperative and will work with you to the best of our ability on whatever your special needs may be. We even offer possible Group & Tour Rates.

Special “All-Travel-Expenses-Included” fee packages are available

Our Community Appearances

 I am very thankful to the wonderful people over at the TV studio. They did a fantastic job putting together a weight loss hypnosis piece on the local WYOU News and We have also appeared on national TV with Fox News (This link needs repair). Also, here is the recent article in the Times Leader newspaper covering our appearance at the Hoyt Library in PA, to name a few. Many more can be seen at our Community Support page.

What To Expect

• Custom fees and proposals are provided according to your school’s / organization’s needs.
• You and I get to be the architects of the program’s structure. It can include regular visits to the school or group for in-house trainings, it can include having me on as a hired employee or contractor, and it could include individualized work with students and/or staff.
• Special “All-Travel-Expenses-Included” fee packages are available anywhere worldwide.
• NOTICE: Not all programs, trainings, consultancies include hypnosis per se. If you request it and the head hypnotist decides to allow you, then being hypnotized is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Here's What To Do

Simply call us today to discuss your your school’s / organization’s needs. (While choosing your topic, realize that we also offer: full sound / public address service, set-up in many instances if required, press releases and promotional help, and coaching instructions to you for a great program, etc.)

For professional speaking engagements that are paid / hired events, we are happy to provide a custom proposal just for you. (If you are seeking the free/no-fee, introductory talk, simply talk with us to pick a topic, time, and date. Pro-bono time will be limited on a first-come-first-served basis month by month and at our discretion.)

Schedule your time and date with us. I can only service a few schools or medical groups at a time. Once my schedule is full, that’s all I can handle. So, please call me today to find out what we can do to help your people. 855-669-2426

Chris Halbohm Bio

Chris Halbohm, Certified Hypnotist, is a master hypnotist and Certified Instructor / NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & hypnosis trainer. Author of “End Worry & Sleep Well”, he is founder of the leading hypnosis schools New Jersey has to offer and one of the first hypnosis schools of its kind in the country.

Chris was trained and certified in hypnosis and hypnotherapy through the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Master Hypnotist Society. He is sometimes known in the community as “The Accessible Expert”.

Chris Halbohm has a top-ranking, proven track record of client results and has has personally delivered thousands of client visits. He has developed multiple schools and clinics across the country – some of the most successful in existence.

In his over 22 years (since 2000) clinical experience, Chris has appeared on local & national TV and radio and has spoken and taught at international conventions and been commissioned to speak for groups both public and private. Main location now in North Jersey NJ.

He has been very involved in his community as a member and President of Lions Clubs International, teaching at the local community college, and serving on the Mayor and Council’s Citizen Advisory Commission.

Special “All-Travel-Expenses-Included” fee packages are available.
You may inquire about Chris’s availability for speaking, training, stage performance, or personal coaching services. Please call 855-669-2426.

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Chris Halbohm On TV

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 

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