Woman Reveals… I Lost 30 Pounds Of Painful Fat

Lynn F Weight Loss Client

How I Ended My Struggle Of 30 Pounds Of Painful, Embarrassing Fat – I Feel Great

Hi. My name is Lynn Finkbeiner. I work for the hospital system.

That’s 11” off hips, waist, chest, & thighs, and 9.6% less body fat. Friends see a difference and they ask me what I’m doing.. I want to shout it out! They tell me that they’re inspired by me & it makes them want to do better things. My hope is to help inspire you, too…


The stress & anxiety was killing me. So miserable for so long. I stared at myself in the mirror and thought “I look so sad”. I had always been heavy, but this was my heaviest – almost 250 at one point. It was an effort to get out of the house – tired, aches & pains. Physically uncomfortable & embarrassed, I would sit back in the crowd.


I felt like I had no choice. Eating for stress, I always “had” to eat when I was alone by myself. Every waking hour was “when can I eat again?” “what am I gonna have?” “when can I sneak some junk food?”


I always had gone to some type of gym, but could never match with the eating. I tried south beach, that blood type book, weight watchers. Those weren’t fixing anything. I had to get straight again with myself & my emotions.


So many people want quick fixes; I know they’re not out there. Maybe that’s why I waited so long to ask for help, because I thought it was going to be too hard for me. I spent so much time putting everybody else first. It was a house of cards. It was like “just can’t take one more thing”. None of that stuff exists anymore!


I was so upset. I didn’t know how to help myself. I needed to ask for help. I was already thinking about hypnosis. When I arrived at my screening, I felt like it was going to be the answer & I already knew I was going to do it. I felt inside that I had found it!

I told them that it scared me to see what I was going to be like 2-3 years from now, already not liking who I was becoming. I was afraid that if I stayed on that path that I didn’t even want to see that person. It was a big release. I cried a lot, because I was finally going to do something about it all. It was a huge sense of relief that I was going to be okay, everything was going to be addressed, taken care of, signed sealed delivered!


I listened to my hypnotist. Cravings immediately lessened. They gave me the tools to focus on, lessons, tapes. It was effortless, easy, and fit it into [my life]. Each month has gotten more automatic. Easier than anything else I’ve done.

I exercise 5-6 times a week. Walking more now as well. With this warmer weather, there’s no excuse. It’s easy to stay motivated & feels good. Today, I’m going to the park on Church Street.


I have more joy, now. I don’t feel like my insides are shaking any more. Sometimes when people are on diets, they say “oh if I start eating this, I’m not gonna be able to stop”, or “It’ll kill the whole diet & I’ll never get back on track”. But, I can eat whatever I want. I’m not deprived at all! Even if want some of the old stuff – pizza and wings, out with friends, maybe a couple times a month – It’s no big deal.

I know what it’s like to watch what everybody else is eating, drooling with wide eyes, thinking “why can’t I have that?” When you sit there and make this big plan of what you are going to eat.. when & how, etc.. that’s draining! You don’t have to eat lettuce every day, starve yourself, and feel miserable. I just make stuff that I like to eat and put it in the freezer.


I have more confidence & feel much better about myself, now. I’m not as argumentative. I used to take my anger out on strangers because I didn’t want to do it to my friends and family. If I could go back, I’d need to find all those people and apologize. I’m a lot happier, more at ease, more aware of how I act.

I can shop for clothes in the “regular size” area, now. Joints, especially knees, are starting to feel better. More energy. Cleaner. Skin looks better. Eyes look brighter. I have my groove back on. I’m not uptight, so I laugh & smile more. Life is better!


A lot of people have stopped me saying “Oh my gosh, you look fantastic! You’re doing great!”

I’m going out more. I’m even having fun volunteering at the hospice. I’m much more “in the groove” & enjoying it. They’re very appreciative. They even gave me a nickname. They call me “boss”.

Friends have noticed, giving me big pats on the back. One friend who works for a new cruise line for people to go do mission work, even said to me “I’m really impressed with what you’re doing!” So she gave me a cabin!

I can tell that it’s going to last. I’m on such a good path, dealing with emotions, and all these new skills.


I’m seeing the progress on the scale. So, obviously it works! It’s not like that “swinging watch” thing at all. From the beginning, I give them 100% of the credit. I give myself a little credit that I walked in the door. Then later on, I take on some of that percent.


This is just a way of taking responsibility for yourself. No games. You don’t have to play the points system, grids, & charts. It’s just stripped down easy. They help you to correct your thinking. My hypnotist was fantastic. They are professional, courteous, caring, genuine, and really just want the best outcome for you. If you truly want to make a change, this is the best way to go.


I was totally comfortable with the fee. It was absolutely reasonable. People think “Well, I’ll do ‘that’ when I get ‘this’ paid off..” But, the real important things never get done. Now [that I’m managing my time better] I have time left over. So, just 1 month of overtime paid off the credit card I used. I’m saving money on groceries. So, I’ve paid for the program already, AND now it’s official, except for the mortgage, I’m debt free!

Figure it out and just do it! Just come in, have the discussion, if you genuinely want to change. People waste too much time being miserable, including myself. It’s not worth it. It IS worth it to come here to find out how to be happy.

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